LTG - New Storage Tanks provision


LTG - New Storage Tanks provision


LTG - New Storage Tanks provision



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New Storage Tanks

With over twenty five years experience, we at LTG Cheshire Ltd offer the necessary experience and expertise to provide New Storage Tanks designed and constructed to BS EN 14015 and API 650.

LTG Cheshire Ltd can provide front end project support offering budget prices and technical input regarding tank design, sizing and site interfaces.

LTG offer the following types of Storage Tanks:

  • Fixed Cone Roof Storage Tanks
  • Floating Roof Storage Tanks
  • Shop Built Storage Tanks
  • Open Top Storage Tanks
  • Silos
  • Double Skin Tanks

LTG offer alternative methods of Tank Construction to overcome potential space restrictions and hazardous areas on site to give our clients solutions to their operational requirements
Conventional Construction:

  • Construction by Jacking Methods
  • Off Plot Construction and Lifting to Permanent Foundations
  • Jacking and off-plat


Download PDF of LTG's Storage Tank Capacity Chart Download Storage Tank Capacity Chart


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